Take A Leisurely Walk

Get out and take leisurely walk. I am not talking about walking for exercise. I am talking about walking very slowly so you can enjoy all the different types of nature that surrounds you.

Are there flowers? What kinds? What colors?

Any trees? Are they flowering?

Any birds? What types?

What does the sky look like? Are there big fluffy clouds in the sky?

For safety purposes, I always bring my iPhone with me. When I am out in nature, I usually keep it in my back pocket. Sometimes, I turn on the ‘do not disturb’ option.

If you honestly need a break, give yourself a break. That means complete quiet.

If you need to make a plan in order to have some quiet and relaxing time outside, then make that plan!

  1. How long would you like to spend outside enjoying nature every week?
  2. If you want to spend 30mins-1hr, could you take a shorter lunch to do it in the middle of your work day?
  3. Would you like to do this with family or friends?
  4. Would you like to drive to a park? or Are there parks around where you live that you could walk to?
  5. Do you live a beautiful area where you could just walk around the neighboorhood?
  6. Maybe you want to plan a visit to your local botanical garden.

The point of making a plan is you are being intentional about wanting to really spend this time each week out in nature.

Grounding Exercise

Yes, this is a grounding exercise. If you really struggle with anxiety, it may be harder for you to refocus on your surroundings. That is okay.

Just getting outside helps. Breathing fresh air.

Counting your steps.

Taking off your shoes and walking around your yard. (Be careful if you have pets! lol!)

Hope this helps!

Bethany 🙂

Sometime we need a little more encouragement to get through each day.

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