Share The Joy

Part of the reason why I created The Motivation Collective is to have guest contributors all year long.

I can research and find just about anything to write about. What I love is hearing people’s stories, tips and tricks, and random/fun knowledge.

This time of the year is a great time to hear about your Christmas/ Hanukkah traditions, favorite recipes, and so on.

What specifically am I looking for when and if you decide to write a blog post to share with The Motivation Collection:

  1. No pressure to have pictures along with your blog post. – If you want to include a picture, one is enough.
  2. I will never turn away a new recipe/recommendation. People look for new ideas for cooking All the time. If there is a story that goes along with your recipe, please make sure and share it too!
  3. If you want to share one of your traditions, please share why you started this tradition. Does it have any significant ties to your culture or family roots tied back to your ancestors? Why is it important for you and your family to honor this tradition/custom every year?
  4. Anything DIY Christmas/Hanukkah – Like recipes, DIY blog posts are always fun to share.

Please send your blog post to and if you have a wordpress blog let me know the name within your email.

Once I review your blog post, I will send you an invite to be a guest contributor on The Motivation Collective blog.

I would love to hear from everyone! Really! Just being honest. Like I said, I love hearing about people and their stories!

Bethany 🙂

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