Before You Register For Classes

Have you heard about

Before my first semester of college a friend shared this gem of information, there are websites where you can find just about any professor that have been rated on a five star scale by students.

What does this mean for you?

Hypothetically, you are looking at an online course catalog, searching for Introduction to Marketing, and there are three professors that teach this course. How do you choose?

Go to: Rate My Professors

Tip: It is probably easier to look up a professor by the ‘Find A School’ option.

Click on ‘VIEW ALL PROFESSORS’. Then you can search specific departments for a professor.

By looking at the ratings of each professor, you can determine which professor and class options are the best.

Just to give you an example: I was trying to finish up my Spanish credits at the local community college. The same professor I took my first Spanish course from was no longer at the college. By looking at all of the ratings, students recommended a Russian professor. Yes, really! She was a Russian professor who taught Spanish. She had a 4 1/2 star rating. How could I argue with that!?! Let me tell you, when she started speaking Spanish it was like she was from another country (Spanish…of course!). It was a great class!

If you are planning to take classes at a community college, this is a must!

I cannot stress this enough!

So if you are about to register for classes, do not forget that you can find the rating for each professor on the Rate My Professors website.

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